(1950. Amer. Midi. Satur. 43: 66- 67) presented the first list of Mississippi dragonflies and included records for 50 species. Additions to the list were made by M.J. WESTFALL (1952, Em. News bi: 200- -203). J.G. NEEDHAM & M.J. WESTFALL (1955, A manual of the dragonflies of North America (Anisoptera), Univ. Calif. Press, Berkeley) and S.W. DUNK.LE ( 1975, Fla Em. 58: 117-119). In 1977 a general survey of the odonate fauna of the state was begun and results of the damselfly portion of that survey have been reported (P.K. LAGO. D.F. STANFORD & P.D. HARTFIELD, 1979, J. Mississippi Acad. Sci. 24: 72-76). The following records of seven dragonfly species, previously unreported from Mississippi, bring the number known to occur in the state to 83. Gomphidae: Erpetogomphus designatus Hag. — Webster Co., Big Black River, 8 Sept. 1978, P. Ramey (I nymph).