In a collection of adult Leucorrhinia (51<5, 13?) taken ala small pond 4.5 km east of Wild Rose on County Highway H, in Waushara County, Wisconsin, U.S.A., in June 1974, there were 2<5 of L. glacialis Hag. 32d and 8? of L. intacta Hag.,and I6dand 59of L. frigida Hag. However, Id was not readily identifiable; it had a yellow spot on the dorsum of abdominal segment 7, as in intacta, but the anterior segments were bright red as in glacialis. Detailed examination revealed other intermediate characteristics, described below. Anal appendages: Inferior appendage (epiproct) in ventral view with arms (rami) moderately divergent, forming an angle of about 22° with midline (Fig. 2); this angle in glacialis is 14-16° (avg. 15°, n= 10; Fig. l)and in Intacta 26-36° (avg. 29°, n = 13; Fig. 3). Superior appendages (cerci) in lateral view intermediate in shape, the apical angle being 46.5° (Fig. 5) versus 38-44° (avg. 41°, n=9) in glacialis (Fig. 4) and 49-61° (avg. 56°. n = 13) in Intacta (Fig. 6); apical ventral tooth bifid as in most imacta.