The list of spp. of which male chromosome numbers are reported and brief descriptive notes on the karyotypic morphology provided includes Calicnemia miniata Sel. (2n = 25, n = 13, m) (Platycnemididae), Anax guttatus (Ramb.) (2n = 15, n = 8, m, XO) (Aeshnidae) and Neurothemis intermedia degener Sel. (n = 13. m) (Libellulidae). all of which are new for cytology. A. guttatus is cytologically the most aberrant member of the genus so far examined, and micrographs are shown of its principal divisional stages. C. miniata was found breeding on permanently wet rocks covered by forest litter and moss, without open water. This sp. and Tholymis tillarga (Fabr.) were not previously reported from Nepal.