At several places in F.C. Fraser’s odonate monograph in the "Fauna of British India” series (1933-1936) it is staled that type, paratypes or specimens are in the Fusa collections and/or in the Indian Museum. According to D.E. K1MMINS (1966. Bull. Br. Mus.nat. Hist. [Ent.] 18:223, footnote) 'The entomological collections [originally in the Indian Museum] were subsequently transferred to the Zoological Survey of India, but enquiry revealed that most of the types could not be traced, possibly lost by flood damage during wartime storage". Most of the types of Odonata, originally in the Fusa Collection, were presented to the British Museum (Natural History) in 1925 (K1MMINS, 1966, cf. above). Ten years later (1934), due to a disastrous earthquake, the Fusa Collection was shifted from Fusa, Bihar, to New Delhi. In 1947, upon the partition of British India, a part of the collection was transferred to Pakistan (cf. M.G.R. MENON & S. GHAI, 1979, in: V.K. Gupta, Ed., Workshop on advances in insect taxonomy in India and the Orient. Manali, H.P., pp, 25-27, Assoc. Study Oriental Insects, New Delhi).