G.L. HARP & J.D. R1CKETT (1977. Proc. Ark. Acad. Sci. 31: 50-54) listed 84 species of Anisoptcra for Arkansas. Records for Gomphus (Stylurus) intricatus Hag. ana Neurocordulia obsoleta (Say) were based on incorrect identifications and are hereby deleted from the Arkansas list. S.W. DUNKLE (1983, Em. News, in press) adds Neurocordulia virginiensis Davis. Addition of the following six species brings the current Arkansas Anisoptera species list to 89. Gomphidae: Gomphus (Arigomphus) villosipes Selys, IO-VI-78, pond4mi W ofGlenwood, Pike Co., by C, Cook; — G. (G.) exilis Sel., 9-V1- -75, Current R. E of Success, Clay Co., by S. Tompkins; — G. (Hylogomphus) apomyius Donnelly, 21-V-8I, Caddo R. at Glenwood, Pike Co., and 24-V-8I, S. Sylamore Cr. at St Hwy 14, Stone Co., both by K. Tennessen; — G. (Stylurus) laurae Williamson, 21-V-77, small trib. of Caney Cr. near Bluff City, Nevada Co., by H.W. Robison,