The new genus and species Oreocnemis phoenix Pinhey (E.C.G. PINHEY, 1971, Arnoldia, Rhod. 5 (9); 1-5) was described from a series of specimens collected by members of Falcon College, Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), who mounted an expedition to Mlanje Mountain, Malawi, in December 1970. The species was also recorded, by J.A, Whelan in November 1972 (E.C.G. PINHEY, 1979, Arnoldia, Rhod. 8 (38): 1-14), from the Chambe Plateau of Mlanje Mt, Mlanje Mt. remains the only known site for O. phoenix. E.C.G. PINHEY (1982, Rep. Odon. Specialist Group Ini. Un. Conserv. Nat. 2: 1-4) indicates that his list of little known or vanishing Afrotropical Odonata is a selection (not including O. phoenix) and a warning that research into possible localities is desirable before they deteriorate. This short report, therefore, provides further information on the status of this very imperfectly known genus and species. The isolated massif of Mlanje Mt. in the extreme southeastern comer of Malawi attains a maximum altitude of 3013 m (Sapitwa peak) and there are several other prominent peaks in the range 2500-3000 m projecting from the plateau which lies between 1800 and 2200 m. The massif is characterised by impressive escarpments which delimit it from the surrounding plain.