A female was collected (by M.J. tuszczak) in the area of the Forest Experiment Station in Krynica, on September 6, 1980. It was flying near a forest stream (a tributary of the Mochnaczka Creek), 1.5 m wide, shallow, fast, meandering between tree roots. Since it flows through an open windfall area, its water warms up quickly in the summer. Within 200-600 m from the collecting site, there is an 80-90 years old fir-spruce stand, and some marshy spots, without open pools. The elevation is 730 m a.s.l., and the slope has a 5-10° inclination, with strongly southern exposure. The insect was not sexually entirely mature; when triangled its eyes became wrinkled, though the right hind-wing was already heavily rugged. The specimen was identified by L. Sawkiewicz. On August 2, 1981, by the same collector, a male was taken in the same general area, at an elevation of 700 m. It was flying at the boundary between a fir wood (900-100 years old) and wet meadows. There are numerous marshy areas in the forest, with numerous pools. The Fataloszka Creek, another tributary of the Mochnaczka. has its origin here. The creek is 3.0 m wide, its gravelly floor is covered with silt in the numerous meanders, and patches of Alnus incana and Salix purpurea grow on its banks. The slope is 2-4°, and has southern exposure. The specimen was fully mature; it was identified by the first author.