The bright scarlet C. servilla, from Asia, has been previously recorded from Broward County and Dade County, Florida, USA, by D.R. PAULSON, (1978, Notul. odonatol. 1:9-10,29- -30). We wish to place 6 more counties on record. They are listed as follows: Charlotte Co. (canal at Port Charlotte, October 1983 and Shell Creek at Shell Creek Campground off it. 764, November 1983, RPR); Glades Co. (Fisheating Creek at rt. 27,4 May 1981, SWD); Flendry Co. (Roberts Canal south of rt. 80 near La Belle, 30 January 1984, RPR); Lee Co. (Caloosahatchee River near Alva, August and December 1982, RPR); Palm Beach Co. (canal at rt. 704 and rt. 7 junction, I May 1981, SWD; and Polk Co, Peace Creek at rt. 27, Lake Wales, 20 November 1981 and Alafia River (at rt. 37, Mulberry, 27 November 1981, JJD). The Polk County records are about 150 miles north of the original records. The future range expansion of C. servilia, if any, will be interesting to follow.