An adult, perfect, but most likely not autochthonous male was collected on August 30. 1984 at a gravel pit West of the village of Schanis, alt. 415 m. This is the first record of this species from canton St. Gallen. F. R1S (1890, Mitt, schwei:. enl. Ges. 8: 194-207) reported the sighting of a specimen of this species (July 30, 1889) at Katzensee in canton Zürich, to which record probably also refers the map of C. MEIER (1984, Libellen-lnvenlar der Kanione Zurich und Schaffhausen, Zürcher Libellenforum, Werrikon), indicated as a "record prior to 1950", without locality data, deposition statement or bibliographic reference. Consequently, we assume that the present specimen is likely to represent the first documented Swiss record outside western Switzerland and Tessin. Among close to 20 species collected at this locality during August 29-30, 1984, a strong population of Erythromma viridulum (Charp.) is of particular interest.