I. posita is a common coenagrionid damselfly often found in the lentie environments of Tarrant Co., Texas (J.V. ROBINSON, 1983, Am. Midi. Nal. 109: 169-174), Adult I. posila are usually found flying at intermediate heights amidst dense emergent or peripheral vegetation. This vegetation might provide protection from aerial predators such as birds and other odonates that attack from above, while the height of /. posila’s activity above the water might reduce its risk from predators from below (e.g. frogs, fish and other arthropods). Also the vegetation might provide a raicrohabitat which is more shaded and protected from winds than less heavily vegetated areas. Adult odonates are generally sexually dimorphic in their habitat use, but /. posila is atypical; both males and females are regularly found at the aquatic site during the day. Additionally, both sexes roost at night among the same vegetation that they are active amongst throughout the day.