In September 1980 1 watched and collected dragonflies I km NW of Mazagon, province of Huelva, Spain, at the Laguna de las Madres. This is a relatively large lake along the road from Huelva to Mazagon keeping water during the dry late summer season and with a good vegetation of aquatic plants around the shore. 1 visited the Laguna for some days in the evening and 1 found some interesting species some of which had also been reported by other authors: Erythromma viridulum (Charp.) (I $, 9-1X); — Ischnura graellsi (Ramb.) (1 $, 2 $, 9/ 10-1X); — Anax imperator Leach (a number of $ seen); — A. parthenope Sel. (abundant); — Brachythemis leucosticta (Burm.) (1 $, 9-IX); — Crocothemis erythraea (Brullfc) ( 1 $, 10-IX); — Diplacodes /e/feiw«(Ramb.)(4 3,4 9,5/9/10- -IX); — Orthetrum cancellatum (L.) (I 10- -IX); — O. coerulescens(Fabr.)(1 9,5-IX);— O. trinacria (Sel.) (I $, 10-IX); — Trithemis annulata (P. de Beauv.) (2 $, 3 9, 5/9-IX). B. leucosticta has been reported by A. COM PTE SART (1962, Vie Milieu 13: 604- -607) for the province of Malaga, by J. KAHLERT (1984, Notul. odonatol. 2: 64-65) from "about 30 km NW of Cordoba”, by J. BELLE (1984, Em. Ber. Amsl. 44: 79-80) from the northwestern Huelva, and by C. AGUIAR & S. AGUIAR (1983, Notul odonatol. 2: 8-9) from Portugal. P. CRUCITTI et al. (1981, Notul. odonatol. 1: 115-117) recorded it from Sardinia. The species seems to be extending its range in the northward direction. The above mentioned teneral female was perched on a small bush near the water on the said evening.