The hitherto published information on the odonate fauna of canton St Gallen, eastern Switzerland is largely incidental and the list of species known to occur there is greatly incomplete. It seems opportune, therefore, to bring on record my observations, made in three localities in the surroundings of the city of Gossau, viz. (I) Espel (alt. 620 m, gravel pit area with three large ponds, mostly overgrown with vegetation; nature reserve since 1981); — (2) Eichen Moos (alt. 630 m, bog and a well-known local bird sanctuary); and — (3) Arniger Witi nr Arnegg (alt. 610 m, two small man-made forest ponds, partly surrounded by bog). The following 26 species were recorded, six of which (asterisked) are new to the cantonal fauna: Platycnemididae — Platycnemis pennipes (Pall.): (I), 1 (5, 18-V1II-I982, no exuviae seen, population status unknown. Coenagrionidae — Coenagrion puella (L): (1), (2), (3);- C. pulchellum (Vander L.): (3), I 3. 16-VI-I985, collected; I <5, 29-V1-I985, photographed; — Enallagma cyathigerum (Charp): (1) (2), (3); — Ischnura elegans (Vander L.):(D. (2), (3); – I. pumilio (Charp.)*: (I), a few 9.3 photographed on resp. 2-VIII-I982 and 7-V-1983, sight records on 26/29-V1-I985; — Pyrrhosoma nymphula (Sulz.): (I), (2), (3),