L.K. GLOYD (1981), AW. odonalol. I: 33) listed 17 species of Odonata as first records from the small Central American country, El Salvador, and stated that specimens from there are of interest even though of well-known species. D.R. PAULSON (1982, in: S.H. Hurlbert & A. Villalobos-Figueroa, [Eds], Aquatic biota of Mexico, Central America and the West Indies, pp. 249-277, San Diego St. Univ.) listed 41 species from the country. 18 of which were from records in his own collections or collections he had examined. Many specimens from his own collection had been deposited in the Florida State Collection of Arthropods. He in 1984 (Notul. odonatol. 2: 51-52) added details to his 1982 records and added two species [Lestes sigma Calvert and Pseudoleon superbus (Hagen) — the latter a sight record]. There are in the Florida State Collection of Arthropods 17 additional species, and Pseudoleon superbus of which Paulson had only a sight record. Recently V. Hellebuyck has sent a large number of specimens to me for determination, as well as some to T.W. Donnelly and L.K. Gloyd. He has kindly consented to have his new records included in this paper. He has collected 2! additional species which I had not seen in the previous lists. Some of his specimens have been donated to the Florida State Collection of Arthropods, the E.B. Williamson Collection at the U niversity of Michigan, T.W. Donnelly’s collection, and the Museo de Historia Natural de El Salvador, but most are still in his own collection. This makes a total of 81 species recorded from El Salvador. From a study of Paulson’s list (1982) it appears that there are at least 100 more species known from both north and south of El Salvador which might still be encountered in that country.