K.J. VALLE (1955, Ann. enl. fenn. 21: 182) listed Ischnura senegalensis (Rambur) from Gran Canaria as the first Zygoplera species from the Canary Islands. J. BELLE (1982, Em. Ber.. Amst. 42: 75-77), who found I. saharensis Aguesse on the same island, doubted the correctness of Valle’s determination. In his recent book on the dragonflies of the Canary Islands, M. BAEZ (1985, Las libelulas de las Islas Canarias, Act, Tenerife) does not include I. senegalensis. assuming the material to be wrongly identified I. saharensis. I have studied the specimens in question (4 ß, I 9 from Aldea S. Nicolas, 1.III.1949, H. Lindberg leg.), which are preserved in the Zoological Museum, University of Turku. They proved to be misidentified and belong to /. saharensis, as expected. The specimens are quite large: $, abd. 24.5-25.0 (2 <5 lack the last abdominal segments and were not measured), hw. 15-16 mm; $, abd. 23 mm, hw. 17 mm.