A great deal of interesting material was received from Nepal during 1986, especially as much of it was collected in the inadequately researched regions of the low-lying Terai in the vicinity of the Royal Chitwan National Park in central Nepal and along the Mai Valley in the east. The records listed below are either of species new for the Nepalese fauna (asterisked •) or species for which very few previous records exist. Eleven taxa are recorded from Nepal for the first time in this paper, bringing the total to about 160. It can confidently be predicted that more extensive collecting, especially in the Terai, should produce a final total approaching 200. All of the material listed below was collected by Colin Smith and his Nepalese helpers. Euphaeidae — Bayadera longicauda Fr. (*) — 2 males were collected near Pokhara on the Kali Lekh at 1860 m on 27-V and agree with the type from Gangtok, Sikkim in the B.M. Coll.