S. ensigera was reported from seven counties in North Dakota by G. B1CK., J. BICK & L. HORNUFF(1977, Fla Em. 60: I49-I65)and H. HIGGINS (1983, J. Kansas enl. Soc. 56; 415- 419). After collecting a series of S. ensigera from the Turtle River, W of Grand Forks in late July of 1986, I explored the Forest River in Walsh county. Only a few males were seen and two were taken at noon. This is a new county record, bringing the total number of counties to eight. The males were very common along the Turtle River at Arvilla, both in the Turtle River State Park and outside the park. They flew continuously from dawn to dusk. The males flew slowly and haltingly, inspecting the grassy banks, looking for the females. Eggs were deposited directly on exposed damp mud underneath overhanging grasses. All specimens were collected at the water and were old, with the wings heavily tinged with brown.