A dragonfly collection was made in July 1986 from Sarlahi District, mostly in the Sagrampur area, Tarai region, central Nepal, with a tropical climate. This collection adds some more information about the distribution of odonates in central Nepal (cf. M. MAHATO, 1986, Notul. odonatol. 2: 121-123). The weather was rainy and cloudy during the whole collection period. Most specimens were collected nearby a pond (800 sq. m.). The following taxa were collected and the specimens are deposited in the Natural History Museum, Kathmandu; Platycnemididae: Calicnemia eximia (Sel.). C. pulverulans (Sel,). Coenagrionidae: Agriocnemis pygmaea (Ramb.), Ceriagrion coromandelianum (Fabr.), Ischnura aurora (Br.). Gomphidae; Ictinogomphus angulosus (Sel.). Libellulidae: Acisoma p. panorpoides (Ramb.). Brachythemis contaminata (Fabr.), Crocothemis erythraea (Brulle), C. servilla (Dru.). Diplacodes nebulosa (Fabr,), D. trivialis (Ramb.), Orthetrum luzonicum (Br.), O. pruinosum neglectum (Ramb ). O. sabina (Dru.), O. t. triangulare (Sel.), Palpopleura s. sexmaculata (Fabr.), Pantala flavescens (Fabr.), Potamarcha obscura (Ramb.), Trithemis pallidinervis (Kirby). All together, 20 species were collected from that area, of which I. angulosus is recorded here for the first time from Nepal (cf. B. KIAUTA. (1984. Preliminary checklist of I he odonale taxa published from Nepal . (1854-1985, partim), SIO Internal Communication, Utrecht), This species occurs in India, but its distribution is still imperfectly known. The weather was rainy and cloudy in the morning, but there was some sunshine in the noon, when the specimens were collected, hovering over the pond.