In J.G. NEEDHAM & M.J. WESTFALL’S Manual of dragonflies of North America (1955, Univ. California Press. Berkeley, pp. 489-490), L. cyanea is listed as an eastern species, with a distribution including most of the states East of the Mississippi River and several states just West of the river. Since then it has been recorded from several states: Arkansas (J. RICKETT. 1976. Pruc. Ark. Acad. Sci. 30: 73- 74) and Illinois (B E. MONTGOMERY. 1967, Proc. N. ent. Brchent. Soc. Am. 22: 121-129). In W.L. HILSENHOFF's (n.d.. ca 1981) Aquatic Insects of Wisconsin. L. cyanea is listed as possibly occurring in Wisconsin. It is the only state bordering the Mississippi to the East without a published record. However, in 1981 (28 June). I collected four specimens (from many sighted) at the following site: Wisconsin. Juneau Co., 10 km E of Mauston (TI6N. R4E, sec. 24, S.E. I 4). on the W bank of the Wisconsin River. The site was approximately 50 m from the river in clearings along the edge of flood plain forest. Specimens are deposited with the Milwaukee Public Museum and the I.O.R.I. Collection. Many thaks to SUSAN BORKIN, SIDNEY W. DUNKLE and THOMAS PLEYTE for identification and record verification.