Recently, 1 received a small collection of dragonflies taken from the vicinity of Petrovac, Montenegro, Yugoslavia. The material comprised 29 specimens belonging to 8 species and formed part of a general entomological collection made by Mr Bill Rudge of Shropshire, U.K., during July, 1988. Unfortunately however, it has not been possible to establish the exact locality data or date of capture for the specimens. The following species are placed on record: Calopteryx virgo festiva (Brulle) 2 <3, I 9: — Caliaeschna microstigma (Schneider) 2 <J; — Cordulegaster bidentatus Sel. 5 <3; — Somatochlora flavomaculata (Vander L.,) 1 3< — Ladona fulva (Müll.) I <5; Orthetrum cancellatum (L.)3 9 O. anceps (Schneider) 4 <5, 7 9; — Sympetrum meridionale (Sel.) I S.