1 have recently listed 147 Odonata species from Honduras (S.W. DUNKLE, 1988, Ceiba 29: 41-49). The 10 additional species reported here bring the total to 157 species, including 70 Zygoptera and 87 Anisoptera. 1 estimate that at least 50 more odonate species will be found in this Central American country of diverse topography. Three changes in nomenclature have occurred since my 1988 list. Hetaerina smaragdalis De Marmels is a probable synonym of H. capitalis Selys (R.W. GARRISON, 1990, Trans. Am. ent. Soc. 116: 175-259), Philogenia sp. n. has been described as P. strigilis (T.W. DONNELLY, 1989, Fla Em. 72; 419-424), and Dythemis cannacrioides Calvert is now placed in the genus Elasmothemis (M.J. WESTFALL, 1988, Odonatologica 17: 419-428).