A. R. LAHIR1 (1979, Oriental Insects 13: 119- -132) and S. ASAHINA (1981), Tombo 24: 12- 16) reported the occurrence of the andromorphic female form in this species in Assam, while A. KUMAR (1988, Notul. odonatol. 3: 14-15) described specimens from Uttar Pradesh. Recently (7-V-I990), while 1 was on a tour to eastern Uttar Pradesh, 1 collected two female specimens in an orchard in Faizabad town. The specimens were flying close to each other. One of these is andromorphic and the other is a normal heteromorphic individual. The colour of the heteromorphic female is darker than those commonly available. The andromorphic female is described below (Fig. 2). The specimens are deposited in the National Zoological Collection at the Zoological Survey of India, Calcutta.