In July and August 1990,1 visited the mountains of southern peninsular Italy, searching for Balkan species and subspecies of Calopteryx and Cordulegaster (amphiadriatic faunal elements, cf. G.R. WITTE. 1965, Bonn. zool. Beitr. 16 (3/4): 165- 248). Although comprehensive publications on the two genera are in preparation, some advance notes are given here. Calopteryx virgo festiva (Bridle, 1832). — July 22, Catona Rivulet near road No, 183, N of Gambarie, Aspromonte Mts, Calabria, 1 tJ; — July 24, brook in the village of Serra S. Bruno flowing into the Ancinale River, all. 790 m., Serre Mts, Calabria, several specimens; — July 27. brook in the village of Tirivolo, Sila Piccola Mts, Calabria, 2 <J, I 9. – July 29, Peschiera and Frido brooks, Bosco Magnano, alt. 750 m, 3 km N of S. Severino Lucano, Pollino Massif, Basilicata, many specimens. — Circumadriatic faunal element, mountainous species in southern Italy, mainly inhabiting moderate to fast running brooks in woods and meadows, with distinct shore vegetation. This subspecies is new for Italy. The collected specimens are neither different from series of the Balkan Peninsula in the Museum Koenig, Bonn (K.F. Buchholz leg.), nor from series of the ssp. padana Conci, 1956, in my collection, the latter being probably a mere synonym of festiva. Conclusively, A. MAIBACH’s (1987, Odonatologica 16: 145-174) proposal of synonymi/ing padana with the nominate form is considered incorrect.

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H. Lohmann. (1992). Amphiadriatic faunal elements in the genera Calopteryx Leach and Cordulegaster Leach in southern Italy (Zygoptera: Calopterygidae; Anisoptera: Cordulegastridae). Notulae odonatologicae, 3(9), 152–153.