On 2 May 1989, the senior author collected a single male specimen of Erythemis attala (Scl.) along a cottonfield road at the edge of a small cypress swamp near the Tallapoosa River, 1.2 mi SSE of Old Bingham, Elmore Co., in east central Alabama. This species, which ranges throughout the Greater Antilles, Mexico, and Central and South America (J.G. NEEDHAM & M.J. WESTFALL. 1955, A manual of the dragonflies of North America, Univ. California Press, Berkelcy-Los Angeles), has not been previously recorded from Alabama or from the United States (S.W. Dunkle, pers.comm.). It is likely that this individual was a vagrant and not part of an established local population; numerous visits to the same locality have failed to yield additional specimens. On 16 June 1990, we collected a single male Macromia margarita Westfall at Reed Creek, 5 mi E of Walland, Blount Co., Tennessee. This individual was captured while hawking over streamside vegetation at approximately 1430 hours. M. margarita has been recorded only in North Carolina (NEEDHAM & WESTFALL, 1955. cf. above) and South Carolina (TR. WHITE, K.J. TENNESSEN & R.C. FOX, 1980, Bull. S. Carol, afil ie, exp. Srn 632: 1-153). Additionally, on 2 June 1981 Ken Tennessen collected a female that appears to be this species, 1.5 mi W of Walkertown, Hardin Co., in west Tennessee. These records establish Tennessee as a new state locality for the species.