G. kinzelbachi has been described by W. SCHNEIDER (1984, Em. Z„ Essen 94 [l/21: I-16) from a single male from Khanaqin, Alwand River, eastern Iraq, captured on June 6, 1958. Taxonomically the species comes nearest to G. davidi Sel,, 1887. The collection of the 1937-Iran-expedilion of W. Kaiser in the Zoological Museum Copenhagen. Denmark includes another male of this species, collected only 340 km SE of the type locality: May 23, 1937, Bisheh, Ab-i-Zezar River near the 433 km railway stone, 50 km SE Khoramabad, 33°I8'N 48°42'E, Iran. W. Kaiser, leg. The specimen was flying on a broad and very fast running river. The water was filled with sand and clay, the bottom composed of pebbles of all dimensions. The water temperature was I8"C. There was no vegetation. Other dragonflies collected at this locality were: Epallage fatime (Charp.), Sympecma paedisca annulata (Sel.) (cf. E. SCHMIDT, 1954, SBer. Akad. Wiss. Wien (I] 163 [4/5 J: 223-260), Onychogomphus assimilis (Schneider), Sympetrum decoloratum (Sel.), and Sonjagaster nobilis (Morton).