A small stream al Ralun in the province of Llaniquihue. Chile was visited at 12.30, 13.00-14.20, 15.59, 16.27 and 16.33 hours on December 25th 1991. it was a sunny day, the first after a long period of rain. At 1328 a male H. pestilens appeared and patrolled the stream until 14.02. The following observations were made on the insect during Ihc 34 minutes it was present. Throughout that time it Hew up and down 5 m of stream between a plank bridge and the point downstream where the stream became overgrown with bushes. It Hew about 0.3 m above the surface of the water. On eight occasions it extended its patrol by another 5 m upstream to where the stream emerged from the cover of bushes. The male H. pestilens flew with its abdomen bent slightly downwards as in Anax imperator Leach. During the time it was by water it never perched. Sometimes it appeared to feed, or attempt to feed on small flying insects; and twice it appeared to pick off prey which was perching on rushes growing at the edge of the stream. Twice it chased a passing aeshnid dragonfly vigorously, and once flew at a passing bird. I searched other streams and sheltered paths in the vicinity but did not see any other H. pest Hens. The small size of the patrolled area and the short time it was occupied were noteworthy.