A survey of the dragonflies of East Africa, In February, 1989. Dr Maria Luisa Az/aroli and Dr Camillo Tenaglia collected a few specimens of Odonata from three close localities in the Gojam region. The 31 specimens oflhc collection are deposited in the Museum of Zoology "La Specola" of the Universita degli Studi di Firenze and belong to 4 families, 9 genera and 15 species. With respect to the species recorded in previous papers, the most recent being those by C. CONSIGLIO (1978, Accad. naz. Lincei 243: 27-51) and E. PINHEY (1982, ibid. 252: 5-56). Enallagma vansomereni Pinhey, 1956 and Trithemis pluvialis Forster, 1906 are new to Ethiopia. The sequence of families is according to D.A.L. DAVIS & P. TOBIN (1984 & 1985, The dragonflies of the world, Vols I & 2, S.I.O., Utrecht), genera and species are according to E. Pinhey (1961, Brit. Mus., London, and 1970, Mem. ent. Soc. sth. Afr. 11:1 -159). The Museum inventory numbers are stated in brackets.