In B. KIAUTA’s 1961 review of the odonate fauna of Slovenia (Biol. Vest. 8:31 -40). 5 species pertaining to this genus are listed. During 1989- -1993, some additional records were gathered by various workers for S. danae (I. GEISTER, 1992, Nolul. otlonalol. 3: 151-152; M. KOTARAC & M. BEDJANlC, 1993. ibid. 4: 17-18), S. depressiusculum, S. fonscolombii ’ and for S. pedemontanum. The records of the latter 3 species are here reviewed; S. pedemontanum is new for Slovenia. S. depressiusculum <Sel.). — It was evidenced in 1990 at Turn Fishponds, Rate, NE Slovenia (M. BEDJANIC, 1991. Naloga za 8. srecanje Mladih raziskovalcev. p. 11. Maribor), and again, at the same locality, in 1992 (M. BFDJANIC, 1994, Exuviae I, in press). At the nearby Ra£ki ribniki. 10 6,4 9 were taken on I6-V1I1-I993 and another 6 on 23-1X-I993. The locality is situated at the outskirts of Pohorjc Mts (UTM WM 54, alt. 260 m). All specimens originate from a large pond (surface ca 2 ha; for ca 50% covered by Calamagroslis epigeios; max. depth 2.0 m, average 0.1-0.3 m; spring and summer water temperatures relatively high). Although the pond is emptied almost annually, this probably does not preclude a possible breeding of the species there. The more so, as the intervening distance between the 2 localities amounts to less than I km as the crow flies.