This is the first report on dragonflies of this Reserve, which was established in 1980, and covers 158 ha of wetlands on the Fiora R. near Viterbo. It includes a man-made lake and several small ponds. The odonate fauna was surveyed during the second week of August, 1993, at the following localities: (1) a stream, with hard bottom and Salix sp. and Alnus sp. on the banks; — (2) a muddy lake, with Salix sp., Populus spp. and Alnus glutinosa on the banks, and Typha sp., Arundo donax, Phragmites sp., Scirpus spp., Carex spp., Potamogeton natans, and Eleocharis sp., all occurring locally; — (3) ponds, very rich in vegetation with Typha sp., Arundo donax, Phragmites sp., Scirpus spp,, Carex spp., Sparganium erectus. After identification the insects were released. Lists of species [x = low density, xx = high density];