Recently, several species were named after the late Professor Dr Janny M. van Brink, odonalologist and much respected treasurer of the Societas Intemationalis Odonatologica. Three names were spelled as vanhrinki. in all cases explicitly indicating that the species was named after Mrs van Brink. Unfortunately, the spelling of these names is incorrect. According to article 31 (a) (ii) of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature (International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature, 1985). ’a species-group name, if a noun in the genitive case formed directly from a modem personal name is to be formed by adding to the stem of that name -/ if the personal name is that of a man. -orum if of men or of man (men) and woman (women) together, -ae if of a woman, and -arum if of women [...].’ Article 32 (c) (i) says that an original spelling is an 'incorrect original spelling', if contravening provisions of Article 27 to 31, and is, according to Article 32 (d), to be corrected. The correct spelling of species-group names derived from the woman’s family name Janny van Brink is vanbrínkae.