NYA REGION, TURKEI – During 1986-1993, 49 taxa were evidenced. Calopteryx splendens is represented by 2 different sspp., co-occurring in the western part of the study area. Ladona fulva rather than L. pontica was evidenced. Coenagrion puella was recorded within the range of C. syriacum; i; the sympatry of the 2 spp. was hitherto unknown. The records of Lestes dryas, Coenagrion cf. pulchellum, Enallagma cyathigerum, Brachythemis fuscopalliata and Pantala flavescens are extending the known range of these spp. Of particular interest is the occurrence of an unidentified Sympetrum sp., which might be conspecific with S. haritonovi Borisov, described from Tadschikistan.