So far L. dubia (Vander L.) was the only member of the genus known from Slovenia with certainty; the record of L. rubicunda (L.) (cf. I. GE1STER, 1992, Notul. odonatol. 3: 151-152) appears to be based on an identification error (M. Kotarac, pets, comm.). Although L. caudalis and L. pectoralis were listed in a recent checklist (M. BEDJANlC, 1994, Acte ent. slov. 2: 43-54), no locality data were so far published. L. caudalis. – I7-VII-1993, a 2 exuviae was found in a gravel pit, 1 km S of the village of Petišovci (UTM XM 15, alt. 160 m), Prekmurje distr., NE Slovenia. The locality has a rich emergent and submerged vegetation (i (Nuphar luteum, Hydrocharis morsus-ranae. Myriophyllum sp., Ceratophyllum sp.). The banks are overgrown by willows, sedges and Phragmites australis. At the same locality, 4 adult 6, perching on Nuphar, were seen on 3-VI-1994.