During the course of swarming, termites often give a big toll to various predators. As far as the dragonflies are concerned, P. flavescens was reported to predate at Dehra Dun, India, on the swarming adults of Odontotermes assmuthi, O. feae, O. obesus and O. parvidens (P.K. SEN-SARMA, 1974, in: M.S. Mani, [Ed.], Ecology and biogeography of India, pp. 421-472, Junk, The Hague). During 6 May through 25 July, 1980, again at Dehra Dun, this species has been seen feeding on the swarming alates of a non-identified termite species. The subsequent dissection of several specimens of both sexes revealed the remains of undigested and half-digested termite mandibles, pertaining, on average, to 25 white-ant individuals per dragonfly.