While examining the odonate larvae collection at the Department of Biology, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, one of us (M.K.) noticed 2 specimens that were collected in karst caves. therefore they are considered of particular interest and are brought here on record. Unfortunately, their sex has not been checked, and no circumstantial evidence or details on the respective habitats are available. Anax imperator Leach – F-1 or F-2, Ponikva Cave, Dabarsko polje, Stolac, Bosnia-Herzegovina; 27-VII-1975. – This is the third known cave record. Previously, larvae were recorded from Barado Cave, Hungary (E. DUDICH, 1932, Speleol. Monogr. 12: 246) and from the cave of Postojna, Slovenia (D.J. THOMPSON & B. KIAUTA, 1994, Opusc. zool.flumin. 118: 1-10).