In agreement with the results of the 1994 Odonatologica-Referendum, confirmed by the S.l.O. Plenary Business Meeting, held at Essen, 24 August 1995, and sanctioned by the S.l.O. Council on 25 August 1995, ODONATOLOGICA and NOTULAE ODONATOLOGICAE are to be henceforth produced and supplied to the membership in accordance with “Option 1” of the Referendum. The editorial policies, frequency and scope, as well as the subscription and cancellation provisions remain unchanged. Upon the receipt of the invoice, the dues are to be remitted to the Editorial Office of Odonatologica, c/o Mrs Marianne KIAUTA, P.O. Box 256. NL-3720 AG BILTHOVEN, The Netherlands, or to the National Representative (where applicable), to reach the Office prior to 28 February 1996. Postal Giro Account and Bank Account numbers, as well as all other modalities of remittance remain unchanged and are shown in the invoices. Likewise, the forthcoming membership/subscription applications are to be sent to the same address.