The summer of 1996 saw an unprecedented rash of records of Tramea lacerata (Hagen) in coastal Washington State, U.S.A. and southern Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, The British Columbia records are the first for the province, although a previously unreported male specimen from the Victoria area (Saanich, Swan Lake, 22- -Vl-1995, T. Clarke [Clarke Collection]) was collected the year before. The 1996 records are all from Saanich; Blenkinsop Lake, 13-VII-1996 (one flying in grassy field [T, Clarke]). Durrance Road (# 277), I3-VII-1996 (one flying 10-15 m above rural garden [H. Nadel]), Lochside Drive (#4025), 13/14- -VII-1996, T. Clarke (one seen); 6-V1II-I996 (one resting on shrubs [T. Clarke]). Broadmead (Dalewood x Chatterton) E of Rithet’s Bog, 27- -VII-1996, G. Hutchings (<J, Royal B.C. Museum; two others seen). Swan Lake, 6-VII-1996, T. Clarke IS. Clarke Collection); 25-VIII-1996, T. Clarke (<J, Royal B.C. Museum).