During an ichthyological expedition Dr Ronald Fricke of the Staatliches Museum fiir Naturkunde Stuttgart, Germany, visited Mangaia Island. During 21-25 June 1996, he collected some Odonata above the western coast, in a primary bush near Kaumata Village (21°55’50"S, 157°57’33”W; alt, 25 m), viz. Diplacodes bipunctata (Br ): 1 <?, 1 9; – Pantala flavescens (Fabr ): 1 S. The three specimens were conserved in alcohol and, nevertheless they have gotten somewhat damaged in the mail. The male D. bipunctata had 10 water mite larvae ventrally on the thorax, and the female had 6 of these in the same position, and another one laterally near the basis of the right midleg.