The IORI took the on-ramp to the “information super highway” two years ago when it launched its web site. This site, located at -iori/ is recognized as the best general Odonata web site in the world, with links to and from many countries. It was set up at no cost to the IORI by Bill Mauffray who negotiated for free web space and access from the Alachua Freenet in Gainesville, Florida. It is updated at least twice a month, mostly with new links and e-mail addresses. After unsuccessfully trying to obtain a computer by donation, I have purchased a computer system for the IORI to be placed in the office at Gainesville. Florida. The sales of books and specimen envelopes have provided a surplus of funds for 1996. This surplus has provided the funds for the purchase of a Pentium 133 with 32 MB ram/ 33.6 modem, 3GB hard drive plus many other features.