The participants in the Post-Symposium Tour of the 14th International Symposium of Odonatology have spent a day (20 July 1997) with the members of this local society, in the area of the famous intermittent lake of Cerknica (cf. I. MODIC, 1997, Delo 39[ 164]: 6). They were guided to various dragonfly habitats (36 species have so far been evidenced there) and, in the evening, the society organised for them a memorable concert of authentic Slovene folk songs, performed a capella by Mrs Ljoba J e n £ e, in the village church of Zelce. The society “kacji pastir” has been registered only in November 19%. Even so, it can proudly boast of a long list of cultural and nature-reconnaissance activities, among the latter of which are the traditional “barefoot walks” through the swamps and shallow parts of the lake. Needless to say, dragonfly observations represent an important part of these.