At the Lancaster (1975) and Gainesville (1977) International Symposia of Odonatology it was strongly felt, there was a worldwide need for a periodical, where minor original papers, related to faunistics, field observations, and to any other aspects of odonatology, incl. critical book reviews, summaries of odonate papers presented at the entomological symposia, biographic and other history notes, ethnoodonatological articles, etc., could be published Consequently, the then SIO Treasurer, the late Professor Dr Janny M. van Brink, has agreed to finance the present bulletin, which is supplied free to all ODONATOLOGICA subscribers. The 40 issues, published during the past 2 decades, contain a wealth of valuable information, much of which would have been lost, if no appropriate publication vehicle was available. On over 670 pages, ca 450 titles have so far appeared. While in the 1970s and some time afterwards, there hardly existed any periodicals of the NOTUL AE ODONATOLOGICAE type, the situation has drastically changed in the past few years. At the moment, there are perhaps over 30 local or regional odonatological journals, bulletins and newsletters in various languages, bringing the information that is traditionally covered by Notulae. This certainly is a welcome and much appreciated development, but its inevitable consequence is the decrease in the Notulae manuscript flow.