Fleeing the European winter for several weeks each year in 1994/95, 95/96 and 96/97, I always took up residence at the Log Cabin Inn, Penrith, some 60 km W of Sydney, situated by the Nepean River, which is a good place for visitors of the “Blue Mountains”, a rocky elevation with steep valleys. The subtropical region is much less arid compared to the central parts of Australia. Annual precipitation amounts to about 1,250 mm. In January and February some hot days may push the mercury up to more than 35°C. Without a net I could furnish evidence only of those dragonflies which had been photographed. Prof. G. Theischinger kindly checked the identification of all my photographs, also those of the preceding years. The nomenclature follows J.A.L. WATSON, G. THEISCHINGER & H.M. ABBEY (1991, The Australian dragonflies. CSIRO, Canberra – Melbourne).