In 1995 I encountered H. ephippiger at 2 localities on the E coast of continental Greece in Macedonia, district Pieria. (I) Panteleimon, 24-VIII-1995 (1 S, 1 2 collected, 10-15 <J and 5-10 5 observed). All were flying as a group over grasslands. 2 or 3 individuals of Anax parthenope were also present in the group; 29-VIII-1995 (I <J collected) a group of 10 individuals were observed flying at a height of 5-10 m over a dried-up riverbed near the sea; 30-VIII-1995 another group of 10-15 individuals, including A. parthenope (1 3), was observed hunting at a height of 3-5 m over a desolate orchard near the sea coast. (2) Litochoron, 28-VIII-1995, I 2 collected in town at the foot of the Olympus. Observation of the hunting group. Individuals were flying close together as a flock, 3-10 m above the ground. Those seen near the sea coast flew by with a slow, gliding flight, facing into wind from the sea. When the flock approached the sea it returned approx. 150 m inland before repeating the whole procedure once again. Females flew together with the males and were not attacked by them. Upon capture of bigger prey, individuals alighted on plants or hid in the tree tops. Similarly, if the sun stopped shining, individuals would perch in tree tops (5-15 m high) or exceptionally on low vegetation.