During a short visit in the second half of September 1994 I had the opportunity to search for dragonflies in the foothills of the Taurus Mts and in the coastal region of the Mediterranean Sea. I visited the following six localities, ordered from W to E; (I)Alara fay nearAlarahan, 33 km WNW Alanya, river bed almost dry and without macrophytes, several small ponds in a marshy edge with reed stands; 22-IX-1994. – (2) Fugla, alsmost dry, near bridge of coastal road, 23 km WNW Alanya; 18- -IX-1994. – (3) Kargi fay, stagnant lower course near bridge of coastal road, 18 km W Alanya; 19- -IX-1994. – (4) Kargi fay, middle course (named: Zeytin biikii) between Konakli and Giizelbag, 16 km NW Alanya; 21-IX-1994, – (5) Tributary of the Alara system between Giizelbag und Giindogmus, 23 km N Alanya, stony and rocky section with a high current; 21 -IX-1994. – (6) Dim fay, middle course and a small tributary brook at the bridge of Alacamy, 28 km E Alanya; 20-IX-1994. During this trip I observed 12 species, viz.: Calopteryx splendens intermedia Sel.; 4, 6; – C. virgo festiva ( Brulle): 6; — Ischnura elegans ebneri Schmidt; I -3; – Cercion I. lindenii (Sel.): 3; -Anax parthenope (Sel.): 3; – Orthetrum brunneum (Fonsc,): 5; – O. s. sabina (Dru.): 3; – O. taeniolatum (Schneid.): 1-2, 4-6; – Sympetrum fonscolombii (Sel.): 2, 4; — Trithemis annulata (P. de Beauv.): 1-4; – T. festiva (Ramb.): 1, 4-6; – Pantala flavescens (Fabr.): 1.