On 18 July 1991, during a visit to Lombok, I took photographs of a male and a female of this species. The locality is a brackish water pond at a palm tree beach, 2 km N of Senggigi beach. Both individuals roosted on the tip of stalks at a height of at least 2 m. From time to time they started for a short feeding flight. At the same site also Tramea eurybia eurybia Selys was on wings. Near Sendang Gile, in the northern part of Lombok, at the foot of Mt Rinjani near Sayang, 1 observed on 20 July also Orthetrum glaucum (Br.) and Euphaea lara lombockensis McL. M.A. LIEFTINCK (1953, Verb, naturf. Ges. Basel 64: 118-228) listed 28 species from Lombok. Five supplementary species were added by J. BELLE (1994, Notul. odonalol. 4: 60-62). Since M. cora is not listed here, my record is considered the first one from Lombok, from which island 34 odonate species are now known. M. cora has a tropical distribution and is widespread on islands in the Indian and the Pacific Ocean (B.F. BELYSCHEW, 1968, Dt. enl. Z (N.F.) 15(1/3): 9- -13).