In 1953, M.A. LIEFTINCK (Verb. naturf. Ges. Basel 64: 118-128) published a checklist of the Odonata from the Lesser Sunda Islands of Bali and Lombok. In 1994, I have given a list, adding 5 species 0 Notul. odomtol. 4: 60-62). J. RUDDEK (1998, Notul. odonatol. 5: 11) reported Euphaea lara lombockensis McL., Macrodiplax cora (Br.), Orthetrum glaucum (Br.) and Tramea e. eurybia (Sel.) from Lombok, but the latter three species were only sighted and photographed, while the first species is now in the genus Allophaea. I would maintain 31 as the number of the species known from Lombok – until the latter three species will have been actually collected there and identified under the microscope. Here, two more species are brought on record from Bali: (1) Agriocnemis pygmaea {Ramb.). — On 8-II-1999, the enthusiastic nature lover and photographer, Mr Ben Storm van ‘s Gravensande (Oosterhout) was able to collect 3 3 and 1 9 of this very small, fragile and feebly flying zygopteran in a grassfield nearby the restorant, “El Paradiso”, in Kuta. He has kindly given me the specimens. (2) Tholymis tillarga (Fabr.). — On 21-11-2000, a 9 was collected by myself, at twilight, at an artificial pond in the garden of “Hotel Melasti Beach Bungalows”, also in Kuta, and situated next to the above mentioned resto-rant.