The Symposium was held in the National Science Museum (NSM), Daejeon, Korea during 26-29 July 2002, at the invitation of Dr Seung-Mo LEE (Head, Korean Branch SIOROEA) and Dr Seung-Lak AN (Director, Department of Natural History, NSM). A Reception Party was kindly offered by the Director General, NSM. Fifty-one workers from Belgium, China, Germany, Japan, Korea, Russia (Siberia) and Taiwan have attended. Eleven oral presentations and three posters were presented, viz.: — papers: Dumont, H.J.: Position of the eastern Cercion representatives redefined by molecular and morphological means; — Haritonov, A.Yu.: The dragonfly fauna of the Asian part of the former USSR; — Inoue, K., E.l. Malikova & N. Katatani: On the status of the forms intermediate between Sympetrum depressiusculum and S, frequens in Primoriya and Korea; — Inoue, K. & M. Okawki [Invited Paper]: The upright emergence in Macrodiplax com; — Karube.H.: On Chlorogomphinae of Vietnam; Kosterin, O.E: Western limits and isolates of some generally East Asian odonate species in southern Siberia and their putative origin; — Malikova, El.: On the current state of knowledge on Odonata of Russian Far Eastern nature reserves; — Ohaina, S.: Notes on the immigrant Sympetrum depressiusculum and S. cordulegaster along the Japan Sea, Shimane prefecture; — Popova, O.N.: The Asiatic dragonflies of the genus Sympetrum; – Watanabe, M.: Population dynamics of the endangered brackish water damselfly Mortonagrion hirosei in a small reed community; — Wilson, K.D.P. : Dragonflies from Nan Ling, northern Guangdon, China. — posters: Kojo, T: On the nocturnal roosting in Orthetrum albistylum speciosum and Sympetrum infuscatum; — Taguchi, M„ H. Tani, M. Taguchi, K. Nishimura & K. Yokoyama: The use of secondary deciduous forest with the water area in Odonata, 1: Community structure in relation to the environment; — 2: Spatial distribution in Lestes temporalis and Copera annulata in relation to their reproductive behaviour.