The odonate fauna of the Maldives is species-poor and it is poorly investigated. So far 8 species were recorded (H. OLSVIK & M. HÄMÄLÄINEN, 1992, Opusc. zool.flumin. 89: 1-7). In November and December 2003 the first author made a vacation trip to the archipelago and was able to observe and photograph dragonflies on the island of Angaga, South Ari Atoll (3°39’N, 72°49’E). Angaga is a coral-sand island of ca. 350x 150 m. Open fresh water is available only in excavations, rain water tanks and in garden pools made of concrete. On 3-IX-2003 at 04:00 h, a male A. guttatus was taken and photographed at light; on 28-XI-2003, 20:00 h, a male Tramea limbata (Desj.) and an adult (sex unknown) Pantala flavescens (Fabr.) were photographed. Aside of P. flavescens, these were not encountered on other occasions in November and December 2003