– Between 1998 and 2000, 5 odon. spp. were added to the list of British Columbia. The collection data for one of these, Somatochlora kennedyi, have been previously published by R.D. Kenner (2000, J. ent. Soc. Br. Colwnb. 97: 47-49). The present known distribution, status and habitat of Calopteryx aequabilis Say, Lestes forcipatus Ramb., Somatochlora brevicincta Robert and S. forcipata (Scudder) are discussed. C. aequabilis is recorded from only one locality in the extreme S of the province; it is a red-listed sp. of management concern. L. forcipatus is common in certain types of rich fens across the province; it had been overlooked previously because of its close similarity to the widespread and abundant L. disjunctus Sel.. S. brevicincta and S. forcipata are known mainly from eastern North America; in British Columbia each is recorded from a handful of localities in mountain and northern peatlands.