During field studies on the reproductive behaviour of Zygonyx natalensis (Martin) (A. MARTENS, 1991, Odonatologica 20: 293-302) Odonata exuviae were collected at the Umzimkulwana River in the Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve, Natal (KwaZulu-Natal, RSA; 30°42‘S, 30°16’E), The re-examination of these brought an exciting result; One exuviae, collected on 8- IV-1988 from a rocky, fast flowing section of the Umzimkulwana River, shows the distinct characters of the genus Microgomphus Sel., e.g. M. camerunensis Longfield (S.A. CORBET, 1977, Odonatulogica 6: 55-68) or the Asian M. chelifer Selys (drawing of M.A. Lieftinck, in P.S. CORBET 1962, A biology of dragonflies, Witherby, London), by having a characteristically rectangular and flattened abdomen. At the same site exuviae of some other gomphids were collected, viz. Ceratogomphus pictus Sel., Onychogomphus supinus Sel., and Paragomphus cognatus (Ramb.). Other characteristic species breeding in the river are Platycypha c. caligata (Sel.), P. f. fitzsimonsi (Pinhey) and Z. natalensis. As shown by M.J. SAM WAYS (1999, Odonatologica 28:13-62) the Odonata fauna of the Republic of South Africa is well known, especially when compared with other African countries. There is no reference to a Microgomphus species either in the elder (E.C.G. PINHEY, 1951, Transv. Mus. Mem. 5: 1-335; — 1985, J. ent. Soc. sth. Afr. 48: 1-48) literature or in the recent checklists of South Africa (MJ. SAMWAYS, 1999, as above; – M.J. SAMWAYS & B.C. WILMOT, 2003, in: l.J. de Moor et al., [Eds], Guides to the freshwater invertebrates of southern Africa, Vol. 7: Insecta 1, pp. 160-212, Water Res. Commn, Gezina, RSA).