In spring 2003, the authors travelled jointly to several sites in northern Vietnam for the purpose of collecting Odonata. Thereafter the second author has surveyed dragonflies also in other parts of Vietnam, e.g. in “Cat Tien National Park” in Dong Nai province in the South. Our material includes seven species not previously recorded from Vietnam. These taxa are listed below. Based on a literature survey, S. TSUDA (2000, A distributional list of world Odonata, Tsuda, Osaka) enumerated ca 200 odonate species from Vietnam. However, the list includes a few obvious misidentiflcations, part of them properly marked with a question mark. Several recorded Vietnamese species, e.g. Dyspnoea gloriosa Fraser (see S. ASAHINA, 1969, Jap. J. Zool. 16[1]; 1-18, pi. 1 excl.) etc., are missing from Tsuda’s list. M. HAMALAINEN (2004, Int. J. Odonatol. 7(2]: 295-304) noted that at least 10 more species have been added to the regional faunal list after the year 2000, including several new species He also presented a brief history of odonate research in Vietnam and estimated that in the future the total number of Vietnamese odonate species will exceed 250. Our list below shows that even common and widely distributed SE Asian species have remained unrecorded in Vietnam. Further surveys will undoubtedly reveal many more of them, in addition to new and rare species