In an important and pathbreaking study, based on the results of studies on nuclear ribosomal DNA, F. HAYASHI et al, (2004, Odonatologica 33: 399-412) revised the taxonomy of the Japanese Mnais taxa. Two good species, M. costalis Selys, 1869 and M. slrigala Selys, 1853 were recognized and M. nawai Yamamoto, 1956 was downgraded to synonymy with M. costalis. The authors claimed that Mnais strigata is the correct name of the taxon traditionally called M. pruinosa Selys, 1853 and presented the latter as a synonym. The act was justified as follows: “... M. slrigala appeared before M. pruinosa in Selys’s (1853) paper; so by page precedence strigata is the valid name.... in accordance with Oguraa (1913), who used the name pruinosa as one of the forms of M. slrigala”. M. strigata has been used as the valid species name at least in the following articles by the same authors: F. HAYASHI et al. (2004, Aeschna 41:1-14; 2004, Tombo 47; 13-24) and R. FUTAHASHI et al. (2004, Tombo 47: 41-46). Recently also at least K. HOSHIDE & J. JANOVY (2002, Acta Protozoologica 41: 17-22) have used the name M. slrigala.